How to Make Easy Flat Stomach

Got a flat stomach not only unsightly but also good for health. At least there are 7 easy ways to create a flat stomach that can be done while relaxing at home. What? Stomach average indicates the metabolic and cardiovascular work systems (circulatory system) works well. In contrast, protruding belly fat accumulation often keep problems that lead to various diseases .
Here are 7 easy ways to flatten the stomach:

1. Drinking enough water when drinking enough water, you provide free food intake of calories. Another additional benefit is to provide a lubricant to facilitate the body's metabolism so as to accelerate the burning of fat and avoid the buildup in the abdomen.

2. Stay away from cocktails Cocktails is a kind of alcohol-free drinks and refreshing. But the cocktails are usually high in calories yan, may even lead to the emergence of the hormone cortisol, a stress hormone that helps the body to store fat.

3. Sit properly position crouching or bending will make the lump. Whereas when you sit with your spine straight, the muscles will be toned stomach.

4. Move your hips back to the activity when you were kids, which is playing hula hoop. Playing the hula hoop can burn fat at the waist and hips, so that helps make the stomach was flat.

5. Working in the garden planting activity, lifting pots and watering can help burn fat as much as 350 calories in one hour.

6. Walk in the park relaxing in the park Walking to the green not only makes your mind relax, but also can burn fat, including fat in the body.

7. Lift the foot on the bed Lie on the bed, lift your legs and stick on the wall. Slowly move back and shoulders away from the bed and towards the knee. After that, slowly lower your upper body into position. Repeat 10 to 20 times for 2 to 3 times a week.

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