Levels of Health Education Services

Health education can be based on five levels of prevention, namely:

1) Health Promotion
At this level of health education is needed, for example in personal hygiene, environmental sanitation, regular health checks, nutrition and healthy living habits.

2) Specific Protection
At this level of health education is needed to increase public awareness. for example; about the importance of immunization as a means of protection against disease in both children and adults. The immunization program is a special protection service.

3) Early Diagnosis and Prompt Treatment
At this level of health education is needed because of the low level of knowledge and awareness about health and disease that occurs in people. This situation makes it difficult to detect a disease that occurs in the community, people do not want to check and treat the disease. Prevention level activities include finding case, cure and prevention of the disease process continues, preventing the spread of infectious diseases, and prevention of complications.

4) Disability Limititaton
At this level of education necessary because public health is often obtained not want to continue treatment to completion or unwilling to perform the examination and treatment of the disease completely or do not want to do the examination and treatment of the disease completely. This happens due to lack of understanding and awareness of health and illness. At this level of activities include treatments to stop the disease, prevention of further complications, overcome disability and prevent death.

5) Rehabilitation
At the level of health education is needed because after recovering from a particular disease, one might be defective. To remedy the flaws that needed training. To perform an exercise properly determined in accordance program, there needs to be an understanding and awareness of the people concerned. In addition, there is a sense of shame and fear are not acceptable for return to the community after recovering from an illness or perhaps people do not want to receive other community members who are recovering from an illness.

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