Disturbed Sleep Pattern Nursing Care Plan for Stroke

Sleep is one of the basic human needs. Bed rest depending on the age and habits of each individual. Babies and children need more sleep than adults. In adults, bed rest, relax as well as much needed other than the actual sleep.

Get the quality and quantity of good sleep is one important part of the healing process of patients with stroke. However, sleep disturbance itself is a problem that often arises in patients with stroke. Sleep disorders can lead to frustration. Sleep disorders can make the patient tired and disturbed.

Disturbed Sleep Pattern Definition :

Disturbed Sleep pattern Time-limited disruption of sleep
Disturbed Sleep pattern


Prolonged awakenings, sleep maintenance insomnia, self-induced impairment of normal pattern, sleep onset more than 30 minutes, early morning insomnia, awakening earlier or later than desired, verbal complaints of difficulty falling asleep, verbal complaints of not feeling well-rested, increased proportion of Stage 1 sleep, dissatisfaction with sleep, less than age-normed total sleep time, three or more nighttime awakenings, decreased proportion of Stages 3 and 4 sleep, decreased ability to function.

Nursing Diagnosis Disturbed Sleep Pattern Nursing Care Plan for Stroke

Disturbed Sleep Pattern related to the environment and the lack of privacy

Patients can meet the need for sleep

Expected Outcomes:
  • Patients often wake up at night.
  • Patients find it easy to fall asleep without difficulty.
  • Patients can get up in the morning with a fresh and not tired.
Nursing Interventions

1. Assess patients' sleep patterns to plan treatment

2. Observation of patient medication and diet

3.  Help the patient reduce the pain before sleep and the client with a comfortable position to sleep

4. Keep quiet environment, such as lowering the volume of radio & television


Sleep habits are individual. Data collected in a comprehensive and holistic needed to decide the etiology of sleep disorders

Difficulty sleeping can be a side effect of medication

Clients say an uncomfortable position and pain are all factors that are often the cause of sleep disorders

Excessive crowd cause sleep disturbance.
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