COPD - Acute Pain Nursing Interventions

Nursing Care Plan for COPD - Nursing Interventions for Acute Pain

Acute pain related to the process of inflammation in the lining of the lungs

Goal: The pain is reduced / lost.

Expected outcomes are:
  • Clients say the pain is reduced / lost.
  • Relaxed facial expression.

Nursing Interventions - Acute Pain for COPD

1. Determine the characteristics of pain, for example; sharp, consistent, stabbed. Investigate changes in character / intensity of pain / location.
Rational: Chest pain is usually present in some degree of pneumonia, complications can arise such as pericarditis and endocarditis.

2. Monitor vital signs.
Rationale: Changes in heart rate or blood pressure showed that patients experience pain, especially when other reasons for changes in vital signs.

3. Provide comfort measures, for example: back massage, change of position, quiet music / conversation, relaxation / breathing exercises.
Rational: The act of non-analgesics administered with a gentle touch to relieve discomfort and increase the effects of analgesic therapy.

4. Offer a clean mouth often.
Rational: mouth breathing and oxygen therapy may irritate and dry the mucous memberan, potential public inconvenience.

5. Advise and assist the patient in the technique of chest compressions during episodes of coughing.
Rational: A tool to control chest discomfort while increasing the effectiveness of cough effort.

6. Give analgesic and antitussive according to indications.
Rational: This drug can be used to suppress non-productive cough / proximal or reduce excessive mucus, improve comfort / rest common.

COPD - Acute Pain Nursing Interventions
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