Cephalalgia is a condition of pain in the head: sometimes a pain in the back of the neck or back top, also known as headache. These diseases include the grievances of the disease is often raised.

Headache is a universal problem, with a prevalence of nearly 99%, and is the most common reason for neurological referral. Headaches can have little clinical significance, but also may be a sign of the presence of life-threatening diseases. Pain in the head caused by traction / withdrawal, migration, inflammation, spasme of blood vessels, or distention of the head or neck structures that are sensitive to pain.

One type of headache that is often the Complaint is headache or migraine. Migraine attack feels tormented and sometimes sudden. Migraine sufferer will feel pain and throbbing like beaten and pulled and is usually accompanied with GI tract disorders such as nausea and vomiting. Patients tend to be more sensitive to light, sound and scent. It was certainly very disturbing and can inhibit the activity of the patients.

Migraine attacks can occur several times a year to a few times a week, with attacks usually 1-2 hours long. Migraine or headache the actual cause is not yet known with certainty. However, the predicted type of headache is caused due to a brain hiperaktifitas electric impulses that increase blood flow in the brain which results in dilation of the blood vessels of the brain and the process of inflammation (inflammatory lesions). There is also a tension-type headaches (tension type headache, or TTH) characteristics are both sides of the head as diremas with strong, but not accompanied by other symptoms (no nausea, vomiting, light sensitivity, etc.).

Most headaches are primary that is, without any underlying diseases such as migraine, cluster, and tension type headaches. However there is also a headache caused by an underlying disease process or condition or commonly called secondary headaches, which this case should be the focus early in the diagnostic evaluation of headache. Manifestation of an underlying systemic disease can help in the diagnosis of the etiology of headache and should always be sought. Because if up late can be fatal.

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