Pain and Anxiety - NCP for Uterine Myoma (Fibroid)

Uterine Myoma (Fibroid)

Uterine fibroids are benign smooth muscle tumors of the uterus. The exact cause is unclear. However, fibroids run in families and appear to be partly determined by hormone levels. Symptoms depend on the location and size of the fibroid. Important symptoms include abnormal uterine bleeding, heavy or painful periods, abdominal discomfort or bloating, painful defecation, back ache, urinary frequency or retention, and in some cases, infertility.

Pain (acute / chronic) related to intrauterine tissue damage.

Goal: Pain is reduced.

Expected outcomes:
  • 0-1 pain scale,
  • The client said the pain was reduced until it disappears,
  • Do not feel pain during mobilization,
  • Vital signs within normal limits.
1) Review the pain scale.
R /: Identify needs and appropriate interventions.

2) Encourage clients to use relaxation techniques and pain distraction.
R /: To divert the attention of the mother and the pain that is felt.

3) Motivation: for mobilization as indicated.
R /: Accelerating involution and reduce the pain gradually.

4) Encourage clients to rest.
R /: Reduce pain.

5) Collaboration: providing analgesic.
R /: Loosening the peripheral nervous system to decrease pain.

Anxiety related to lack of knowledge.

Goal: The client is not worried.

Expected outcomes:
  • No anxiety,
  • Knowledge of the client and family to disease increases.

1) Assess the level of knowledge / perceptions of the client and family to the disease.
R /: Ignorance can be the basis of the onset of anxiety.

2) Help clients to identify the causes of anxiety.
R /: Involving the client actively in nursing action is the support that may be useful for clients and increase client self-awareness.

3) Encourage the client to express feelings.
R /: Helps to increase the comfort of the client.

4) Give the physical comfort and security environment on the client.
R /: Giving comfort of the client.

5) Explain the things around curettage to be known by the client and family.
R / Counselling for clients is needed to increase knowledge and build support sisterm families to reduce the anxiety of clients and families.
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