Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hyperthermia Care Plan for Nurses



Circumstances where an individual experiencing an increase in body temperature above peroral C 37.80 / 38.80 C per-rectal due to external factors (Carpenito, 1995)


Addressing the problem of increase in body temperature to prevent the lack of fluids or other complications due to hyperthermia.


Temperature 36 to 37.5 C, no complaints of fever, chills no, elastic skin turgor, vital signs within normal range (blood pressure, pulse, CVP and JVP)


NURSING ACTION - Care Plan for Hyperthermia:
  • Monitor body temperature
  • Monitor blood pressure, respiratory frequency, and pulse
  • Monitor intake and output every 8 hours
  • Encourage much to drink when there is no contraindication
  • Maintain adequate ventilation in the room
  • Give a warm compress
  • Use clothing that is thin and absorbs perspiration
  • Encourage clients to total bedrest
  • Monitor client's hydration status

  • Teach how to properly compress
  • Explain the importance of fluid to maintain normal body temperature

Act of collaboration:
  • Maintain intravenous fluids according to program
  • Give antipyretics according to program
  • Give therapy, for the cause of fever according to program

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