Schizophrenia Care Plan - Nursing Assessment, Diagnosis, Interventions and Implementation

Schizophrenia Care Plan - Nursing Assessment

1. History. Review the history of the client to the originator stressors and significant data.
Biological-genetic vulnerability (family history)
Stressful life events
The results of the mental status examination
Psychiatric history and medication adherence in the past
History of treatment
The use of drugs and alcohol
Pendidkkan and employment history

2. Assess the client for the presence of characteristic symptoms

3. Assess the support system of family and community
Current living arrangements and level of supervision
The involvement and support of family
Case manager or therapist
Participation in community treatment programs

4. Assess the knowledge base of clients and families. Assess whether the client and his family have enough knowledge about:
schizophrenia disorders
Medication and treatment recommendations
Signs of recurrence
Measures to reduce stress

5. Assess the client for any side effects of antipsychotic medications
Pyramidal system effects (extrapyramidal system; ESE,). Use of certain tools, such as the AIMS scale or neurological Simpson scale, to perform the assessment.
Aphek anticholinergic
cardiovascular effects

Schizophrenia Care Plan - Nursing Diagnosis

1. Analysis of positive and negative symptoms

2. Analysis of strengths and weaknesses of clients, including:
Self-care ability
job skills
support system

3. Analysis of factors that increase the risk of behavioral expression of the unconscious, including:
The existence of hallucinations that threaten

4. Establish and prioritize nursing diagnoses for clients and their families.
Low self esteem, chronic
Ineffective family coping: worsening
Impaired home maintenance management
Ineffective individual coping
Lack of knowledge (please specify)
Ineffective management of therapeutic progarm: family
Ineffective management of therapeutic progarm: Individual
Changes in role performance
Less self-care (specify)
Changes in sensory / perception: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, taste, touch, smell (please specify)
Changes in the process of thinking
The risk of violence to self / others

Schizophrenia Care Plan - Nursing Interventions

1. Set realistic goals with clients.
2. Specify the desired outcomes for clients with schizophrenia disorder.
3. Set criteria desired outcomes for families that have family members with schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia Nursing Interventions

Schizophrenia Care Plan - Nursing Assessment, Diagnosis, Interventions and Implementation

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