Auditory Hallucinations Definition Causes and Symptoms

Definition of Auditory hallucinations

Auditory hallucinations are false sensory perception of external stimuli that are not able to hear in the identification.

Auditory hallucinations are the hearing of individual sensory perception in the absence of real external stimuli.

Signs and symptoms of Auditory hallucinations

Patients the observed behavior is as follows

1. Eyes glanced to the left and right like to find who or what he was talking.

2. Listening attentively to others who are not speaking or to inanimate objects such as furniture, walls etc..

3. Involved conversations with inanimate objects or with someone who does not appear.

4. Move the mouth like he was speaking or being the voice replied.

Causes of Auditory hallucinations

Social isolation withdrawn

1. understanding

Pulling himself a nuisance by withdrawing and others are on the mark with self isolation (withdrawing) and self-care is lacking.

2. cause

a. development

Touch, attention, warmth of the family that resulted in solitary individual, the ability to relate to inadequate client ended by withdrawing.

b. Low self esteem

Signs and symptoms of Auditory Hallucinations

Signs symptoms of withdrawal can be viewed from various aspects, among others

a. physical aspects

1) Appearance self-less.

2) Sleep less.

3) Courage less.

b. aspects of emotion

1) Talk is not clear.

2) Feeling ashamed.

3) Easy to panic.

c. social aspects

1) Sit outs

2) There was daydreaming

3) No matter the environment

4) Avoidance of others

d. aspects of intellectual

1) Feeling hopeless

2) Lack of confidence
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