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Self-Care Deficit Nanda Nursing Diagnosis

Self-care deficits

When an individual is very unable to meet their own self-care requisites, a "self-care deficit" occurs. It is the job of the Registered Nurse to determine these deficits, and define a support modality.

Self-care deficit nursing theory is a grand nursing theory that was developed between 1959 and 2001 by Dorothea Orem. It is also known as the Orem model of nursing. It is particularly used in rehabilitation and primary care settings where the patient is encouraged to be as independent as possible.

Self-Care Deficit

Bathing/Hygiene; Dressing/Grooming; Feeding; Toileting

Defining Characteristics:
  • Inability to feed self independently
  • Inability to dress self independently
  • Inability to bathe and groom self independently
  • Inability to perform toileting tasks independently
  • Inability to transfer from bed to wheelchair
  • Inability to ambulate independently
  • Inability to perform miscellaneous common tasks such as telephoning and writing
Related Factors :
  • Neuromuscular impairment, secondary to cerebrovascular accident (CVA)
  • Musculoskeletal disorder such as rheumatoid arthritis
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Energy deficit
  • Pain
  • Severe anxiety
  • Decreased motivation
  • Environmental barriers
  • Impaired mobility or transfer ability
Expected Outcomes
  • Patient safely performs (to maximum ability) self-care activities.
  • Resources are identified which are useful in optimizing the autonomy and independence of the patient.

NOC Outcomes (Nursing Outcomes Classification)
Suggested NOC Labels
  • Self-Care: Eating
  • Self-Care: Bathing
  • Self-Care: Dressing
  • Self-Care: Grooming
  • Self-Care: Hygiene
  • Self-Care: Toileting

NIC Interventions (Nursing Interventions Classification)
Suggested NIC Labels
  • Self-Care Assistance: Bathing/Hygiene
  • Self-Care Assistance
  • Dressing/Grooming
  • Self-Care Assistance: Feeding
  • Self-Care Assistance: Toileting
  • Environment Management
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