Deficient Knowledge Nursing Care Plan for Stroke

Deficient Knowledge Definition :
Absence or deficiency of cognitive information related to a specific topic

Defining Characteristics: Verbalization of the problem; inaccurate follow-through of instruction; inaccurate performance of test; inappropriate or exaggerated behaviors (e.g., hysterical, hostile, agitated, apathetic) Knowledge deficient related to less access to health information.

Stroke is a medical emergency that occurs when the blood flow to the brain is interrupted. This typically occurs when a blood clot blocks the flow of blood, thereby preventing the brain from getting the oxygen that it needs. Without oxygen, the brain cannot function properly and could be permanently damaged.

Nursing Diagnosis for Stroke Deficient Knowledge

Increased knowledge of clients

Expected Outcomes:

Clients and families understand about the disease Stroke, care and treatment

Nursing Interventions Nursing Care Plan for Stroke :

1. Assessing the client's readiness and ability to learn

2. Assessing knowledge and skills of previous clients about the disease and its impact on the desire to learn.

3. Give the most important material on the client

4. Identify the main source of support and note the client's ability to learn and support the necessary behavior changes.

5. Assess the family desires to support the client's behavior change.

6. Evaluation of learning outcomes through demonstration and mentions again the material being taught.


The learning process depends on the particular situation, social interaction, cultural and environmental values

New information is absorbed and the fact meallui previous assumptions and biases influence the transformation process

Information will be more striking if the concept is explained from the simple to the complex

Family support is needed to support changes in patient.
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