4 Steps To Treat Gastroenteritis

Sometimes we as humans fail to health of our bodies, so it can not shy away from unhygienic food of all kinds of seeds and disease germs. If we are not hygienic food then we could be attacked by digestive disease that one result is gastroenteritis or diarrhea. Besides gastroenteritis can be caused by chemicals in food poisoning, colds, dehydration (lack of body fluids) and others.

Gastroenteritis is a condition in which a person defecate many times in one day which exceeds the normal limits and the stool or feces that comes out of a thin or thick with wind / fart from the stomach.

Here below are the 4 Steps To Treat Gastroenteritis:

1. Drink Plenty of Water White
Frequently drinking lots of water because of the frequent bowel movements the body will lose a lot of fluid that should always be replaced with new fluid. Each after defecation drink one or two glasses of water or mineral water is clean and has been cooked. Drink oral rehydration salt sugar solution which is to assist the formation of energy and withstand gastroenteritis / diarrhea after bowel movement out. Avoid drinking coffee, tea, etc. are able to stimulate gastric acid.

2. Eating Special Foods
Avoid eating fibrous foods such as gelatin, vegetable and fruit because fibrous foods will only prolong the gastroenteritis. Fibrous food is only good for people with a bowel obstruction. For patients with gastroenteritis should eat foods low in fiber and smooth like rice or rice porridge with toppings salted eggs. Here the rice will become sugar to provide energy, while the salted egg will provide protein and salts for diarrhea and as an agent holding a body builder. Avoid eating out at random and spicy foods containing chillies and pepper.

3. Enough Rest
It is inevitable that people who waste water will taste weak, weak, lethargic, less passionate, and so on. For that for those of you who already feel very weak should ask the permission of the school or office to avoid the possibility of the worst or embarrassing in public places.
Sleep as much as possible but do not forget the time eating food and drugs should be regularly, drinking lots, worship and pray and others.

4. Drinking Drugs With the Right Dose
There is a good idea to consult with your doctor and ask for the right medicine for you, because everyone has the characteristics of each in drug selection. Hospitals, physician practices, health centers or clinics other appropriate department of health license is the right choice because it has a good doctor with good medicine too. If you doubt just go to another doctor to get more information.
After getting the medicine medicinal drink according to the dose specified time. Usually the doctor will prescribe mules, diarrhea medications, vitamins and antibiotics. For drug mules and diarrhea should be taken if the stomach pains and gastro enteritis alone and stop if it stops mules and gastroenteritis. As for the antibiotics must be spent so that germs and other germs and do not form a death total resistance. For the vitamin up to you want to spend or not, but it would not hurt if spent because the vitamin is good for you as long as not excessive.
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