6 Nursing Diagnosis and Interventions for Gastritis


Assessment - Nursing Care Plan for Gastritis:
  1. Does the patient complains of heartburn, can not eat, nausea and vomiting?
  2. When the occurrence of symptoms, whether before eating, after eating, after ingesting spicy foods, certain drugs or alcohol?
  3. What are the symptoms associated with anxiety, Stress, allergies, eating and drinking too much or eating too fast?
  4. What are the symptoms diminish or disappear?
  5. Is there a history of previous gastric disease?
  6. Does the patient have vomiting blood?
  7. Is there any abdominal tenderness?
  8. Dehydration or change in skin turgor or dry mucous membranes?

Diagnosis - Nursing Care Plan for Gastritis:
  1. Acute pain
  2. Imbalanced Nutrition Less Than Body Requirements
  3. Hyperthermia
  4. Risk for fluid volume deficit
  5. Anxiety
  6. Knowledge deficit

Intervention - Nursing Care Plan for Gastritis :

1. Relief of pain:
  • Encourage clients to learn relaxation techniques
  • Encourage clients to avoid foods and beverages that irritate the stomach, such as alcohol
  • Encourage clients to use diet pd regular intervals.
2. Maintaining adequate nutrition remains
  • Provide eat small but frequent meals and do not irritate.
  • Give solid foods as soon as possible
  • Provide a drink that contains no caffeine
3. Hyperthermia
  • Monitor vital signs every 2 hours
  • Apply a cold compress
  • Management of giving antipyretics as indicated
4. Maintain body fluid volume
  • Observation of fluid intake and output
  • Observe for signs of dehydration
5. Reduce anxiety
  • Encourage clients to express their problems and fears
  • Help clients identify situations that cause anxiety
  • Teach stress management strategies
6. Increase the client's knowledge about the disease
  • Assess client's level of knowledge
  • Provide the required information by using the right words and the corresponding time
  • Reassure the client that the disease can be overcome.

6 Nursing Diagnosis and Interventions for Gastritis
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