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Impaired Skin Integrity - Nursing Diagnosis Interventions for Marasmus

Marasmus is a form of protein deficiency which can cause fatigue, wasting of the muscles, low energy levels and weight loss. Like kwashiorkor, it can also weaken the immune system and increase the risk of infection amongst sufferers.

Marasmus can occur at any age, but that is often found in infants who are not getting enough milk and are not fed often attacked his successor or diarrhea. Marasmus may also occur due to various other diseases such as infections, gastrointestinal disorders or congenital heart disease, malabsorption, metabolic disorders, chronic kidney disease and disorders of the central nervous

The main causes of marasmus are less calorie protein that may occur due to: insufficient diet, eating habits are not exactly like the parent-child relationship with a disturbed, because of metabolic disorders, or congenital malformations. (Nelson, 1999).

Nursing Diagnosis Impaired Skin Integrity related to changes in nutritional status.

NOC: Tissue Integrity: Skin and mucous membranes.

Expected outcomes are:
  1. A good skin integrity can be maintained.
  2. No injuries / lesions on the skin.
  3. Good tissue perfusion.
  4. Show understanding of the process of skin repair and prevent recurring injury.
  5. . Able to protect skin and keep skin moist and natural treatments.
Rating Scale:
  1. do not ever show
  2. rarely show
  3. sometimes shows
  4. often show
  5. always show

Tissue Integrity: Skin and mucous.
Nursing Interventions - Impaired Skin Integrity for Marasmus
  1. Monitor the skin will turn pink.
  2. Apply lotion to a depressed area.
  3. Mobilization of the patient every 2 hours.
  4. Keep your skin clean and dry to keep them clean.
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