Nursing Assessment for Skin Cancer

Nursing Assessment of Skin Cancer

1. Activity / Rest.

Symptoms: Stress fatigue or weariness.
Changes in the pattern of hours of rest and sleep habits at night, the factors that affect sleep, such as pain, anxiety, night sweats.

2. Circulation.

Symptoms: palpitations, chest pain in labor deployment.
Habits: changes in blood pressure.

3. Ego Integrity

Symptoms: stress factors (financial, employment, changes in the role) and how to change the stress (eg, smoking, drinking alcohol, looking for treatment delay, religious beliefs).
Concerns about changes in appearance, eg alopecia, lesions, defects, surgery.
Deny the diagnosis, feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, inadequacy, not significant, loss of control, depression.
Signs: Denial, withdrawal, anger.

4. Elimination.

Symptoms: A change in bowel habit, eg, blood in stool, pain on defecation.
Changes in urinary elimination, eg, pain / burning sensation during urination, hematuri, frequent urination.
Symptoms: Changes in bowel sounds, distended common.

5. Food / liquid.

Symptoms: poor dietary habits (eg, low fiber, high in fat, additives, preservatives), anorexia, nausea / vomiting, food intolerance, changes in body weight, severe weight loss, kakeksia, reduced muscle mass.
Mark: The changes in moisture / skin turgor, edema.

6. Neuro-sensory.

Symptoms: Dizziness, sincope.

7. Pain / Comfort.

Symptoms: No pain, or the degree of pain varies, eg, mild discomfort to severe pain (associated with the disease).

8. Breathing.

Symptoms: Smoking (tobacco, marijuana, living with someone who smokes), exposure to asbestos.

9. Security.

Symptoms: Exposure to toxic chemicals, carcinogens, sun exposure time / too much.
Symptoms: Fever, skin rash, ulceration.

10. Sexuality.

Symptoms: Sexual problems eg: impact on relationships, changes in levels of satisfaction, nuligravida greater than age 30 years, multigravida, multiple sex partners, early sexual activity, genital herpes.

11. Social interaction.

Symptoms: The lack adequatan / weaknesses of the support system, history perkawinaan (with respect to satisfaction at home, support or assistance), the problem of the function / role responsibilities.
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