Nursing Care Plan

Nursing Management of Anxiety

Nursing Management of Anxiety
Nursing Management of Anxiety

A. Nursing Process

1. Patient's condition:
  • patients seem to dreamily
  • patients often pacing
  • patients ask you things that are not important
  • patient was suspected
2. Nursing Diagnosis
  • Risk for Self-Directed or Other-Directed Violence related to Anxiety
3. Purpose
  • Patients are able to know anxiety
  • Patients can use adaptive coping mechanisms
  • Patients can use relaxation techniques

B. Strategies for the nursing actions

1. Orientation
  • Ttherapeutic greeting
  • Evaluation / Validation : Ask the patient's current feelings, Ask the patient how the current situation.
  • Contract : topic, place, time

2. work
  • Discuss the problem off.
  • Guiding the implementation schedule
  • Guiding the use of relaxation techniques

3. Termination
a. Evaluation
  • patients were able to express feelings.
  • patients are able to recognize the behavior and response.
  • patients can use adaptive coping mechanisms.
  • patients can use relaxation techniques.

b. Follow-up plan
  • Encourage clients to identify and describe feelings.

c. Contract
  • topic, 
  • place, 
  • time
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