Thursday, July 5, 2012

Nursing Intervention for Low Self-Esteem

Self esteem is person’s personal judgment of one’s own worth, based on how well one’s behavior conforms to one’s self ideal (Stuart and Sundeen, 1998).

The frequency on reaching purposes will result on low self esteem or high self esteem. If the individual frequent to failure, then it tends to low self esteem. The Self esteem is gained from his/herself and others. Main aspect is being loved and accepting respect from others (Keliat, 1992).

In general, self esteem is vurneable being disturbed in youth and old senile. High self esteem related with low anxiety, effective in group and accepted by others. Low self esteem is related with worst interpersonal relationship and has risk for depression and schizophrenia.

Low self esteem is negative overview assessing toward self and capability which expressed in directly or indirectly (Schult and Videbeck, 1998).

Low self esteem is generally defined as rejecting of her/himself as valuable human being and has no responsible his / herself life. Mainly, it is failure to adapt for proper behavior and aspiration. Self esteem disturbance is drawn as negative feeling of his/ herself including loss of self confidence and occur the self esteem. Low self esteem can be happen situational (trauma) or chronically (prolonged negative self evaluation) and can be expressed either directly or not (real or not).

Nursing Intervention for Low Self-Esteem
a.       Nursing strategic (client)
1)      Goal:
a)      Identify capabilities and the positive aspects of the client owned
b)      Assess skills that can be used
c)      Establish or choose activities according to ability
d)     Coaching activities are selected according to ability
e)      Planning activities that have been trained.
2)   Outcome: The client can identify capability and positive aspect, assess her capability, choose the appropriate activities and increase her capability.
3)      The first nursing strategic
a)      Identifying capability and positive aspect on client
b)      Helping client to assess her capability
c)      Helping client to choose activity
d)     Training to client to choose the appropriate activities
e)      Giving proper praise toward patient succeeding.
f)       Suggesting to patient to include schedule the daily activity.
4)      The second nursing strategic
a)      Evaluating the daily routine of patient
b)      Training for second capability
c)      Suggesting to patient to include schedule the daily activity.

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